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You can make more than just a blog with WordPress

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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS software due to its availability and ease of use. It is extremely customizable to the point it can be transformed into something that doesn’t even resemble a blog anymore. Below are a few examples of what themes and plugins can do.

A WordPress-based e-commerce shop

If you did not already know, many of the e-commerce sites that small businesses use are actually made with WordPress. Thanks to plugins like Wp E-commerce or Woo Commerce, anybody can transform their WordPress installation into an online store. These plugins also have the ability to handle payment processing and customer support tickets. A little knowledge of how to tweak with CSS may be needed to perfect its appearance.

A WordPress forum

When people think of forums, they probably think of expensive software platforms like Invision or Kloxo. Using WordPress with the help of plugins (like Asgaros), you can run a small discussion board for your site’s users.

Job boards

With plugins likes WP Job Board, a job board may be added to any WordPress-based site. Depending on the type of plugin, public members may post jobs or their resumes for the public to see. Some premium plugins also add the option for administrators to charge for listings to be posted.

Social networks

Using BuddyPress or other similar plugins, you may create a small social networking website. It may be extended to create dating sites or meet-up sites. It probably won’t be able to take on large amounts of traffic if you aspire to be a Facebook rival, but it is suitable for niche sites.

Crowdfunding sites

There are a plethora of plugins available to turn WordPress to make an Indiegogo or Kickstarter copy. Crowdfunding sites are in high demand so WordPress is an easy way to spring up a new one.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to WordPress. Other CMS options like Drupal are highly customizable but are not so newbie friendly. Of course, if your skills in programming are lacking, it is a good idea to hire experts to create custom themes, plugins, and backend tweaks. Contact us today at Pinecode Creative to find out more about our web development expertise.