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Why you should build your company’s site with WordPress

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If you want your company to make a great impression online, you’re going to need a beautiful website. With a wide range of web design platforms out there, deciding which one you want to use can be quite challenging. However, over the years WordPress has consistently stood out as the best platform to build your website. Here are the advantages that WordPress offers over other website builders.

It’s fully customizable

With other web builders, you only have the choice to work with templates. While this does keep things simplified, it can be incredibly limiting when it comes to developing a web presence that’s really going to resonate with your customers. With WordPress, you have the option to work from templates if you want that simplicity, but the site is also completely customizable so you can create a site that really fits your needs.

You can add functionality with plugins

Another reason so many people love WordPress is that it’s easy to add the functionality you need to your site, even if you aren’t an HTML pro. There are hundreds of plug-ins and add-ons for WordPress sites, which makes it easy to add anything from contact forms to retail functionality to your site. This makes your site much more dynamic and user-friendly.

It’s easy to update

As your business is growing, it’s important to keep your website updated so that your customers can stay informed. WordPress makes it incredibly easy to do that. You can log onto your site in any web browser and make the changes as needed. You can also add multiple administrators to your site, which can be very helpful if you want your entire team to be able to access it.

If your company is in need of a new website, consider having a WordPress site custom built by a professional team to take it to the next level. Pinecode is a premium WordPress design agency that creates beautiful, modern sites for a range of clients. We also offer site maintenance and updates to help you keep your web presence as functional, safe and fast to load as possible.

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