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Why you need creativity to make your website work

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These days, it isn’t all that difficult to put together a decent website for your business. Software such as WordPress has taken what was once an arcane process of typing HTML code and brought it mainstream. However, the drawback is that many websites are starting to blend together, with common aesthetics and visuals that could be seen on a hundred other pages. While there is a lot to be said for simplicity, there is also a vast amount of untapped potential that can be brought to the fore with a little bit of creativity.

Unique Visual Content Brings Your Pages To Life

There is a ton of visual content out there. The sheer amount of clip art, stock photos, and public domain images is staggering. Since it is so easy to outsource imagery with a few keystrokes, many websites are falling into the trap of never producing their own visual content. You can simply take a few of your own pictures or hire a professional to create unique graphic designs, but whether you invest your time or your money, original content will set your site apart from the competition.

Working Without A Template Lets Your Website Grow

While page templates make designing a website a quick and easy process, sometimes they can be extremely limiting. Working on a design that isn’t beholden to conventional website design can be a little intimidating at first. You may have seen some pretty significant website fails out there. However, if nothing is ventured, nothing is gained. A creative design should revolve around highlighting your product or service, not try to make your brand fit into a shoebox website.

SEO Thrives on Fresh Content

Recent updates to Google and other search engines have put a premium on fresh, original written content. A creative blog or news feed is a virtual necessity to make sure that your page can climb in the search engine rankings. Stale or repetitive writing is almost as bad as not writing any content at all. Injecting creativity into your written content can be as simple as inviting a guest to give their spin on your brand or tackling a subject you haven’t talked about before just to shake things up.

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