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Why responding to reviews is an important part of digital marketing

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Many small business owners believe that they don’t have the time or money to “waste” checking reviews, social media and other platforms to find out what people think of them. If you have a similar belief, it is time to open your eyes to the harm that ignoring this critical part of digital marketing can cause your business. The way your brand is perceived online can translate into either new leads and increased revenues with positive impressions or growing horrific losses with negative ones. Reading and responding to reviews…

Improves relationships at every level

Any type of positive engagement with members of your target market helps make your brand look its best. When you respond to both critical and favorable reviews in a positive fashion, you show existing and potential clients that you care enough to take the time to review feedback and make improvements that customers will value. Always thank people who leave favorable reviews. Respond to complaints with as much helpfulness as possible and ask reviewers to move conversations to a private messaging system, email or phone so that you can address complaints fully.

Blocks nasty smear campaigns

Some small business owners have never had to deal with a smear campaign. Former fired employees, competitors and even individuals with strong beliefs about your products, services or industry might post false critical reviews in an attempt to destroy your business and brand. As with any reviews, respond without bringing yourself down to the reviewer’s level. Address false accusations with evidence and bring in lawyers to help, if necessary. Additionally, contact the website’s support team, administrator or group moderator for assistance.

When you interact with customers, competitors and others on review platforms by providing high-quality responses, it’s also important that you link back to a stellar website that accurately and positively represents your brand and message to reinforce the impression that you want to leave with people. Talk to a member of our professional team today about how Pinecode Creative can help you make the right impressions for reviews and other digital marketing and web development strategies.