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Why online customer service is a critical digital marketing strategy

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Every business owner should make an effort to provide some form of rapid response customer support online as a digital marketing strategy. If you think that only large businesses can afford to offer this type of customer service, think again. Plenty of web design tools exist that make it possible for you to inexpensively interact directly with existing customers and potential new ones. Your competitors are already using one or more forms of online customer service, such as a web form with a one business day response time, live text or video chat messenger and social media posts and comments.

Digital marketing via customer service does the following:

Reinforces positive impressions about your business

An online customer service presence allows you to provide convenient options to consumers. You can perform tasks, such as answers questions, fulfill orders and handle complaints, faster and with greater efficiency. Every positive customer service interaction then reinforces that you care about people’s needs and value their time and opinions.

Shows your business moving forward with the times

Consumers expect to have full access to businesses while online. This means that they expect every business to offer multiple contact points. They expect businesses to interact with them instantly or within a reasonable same day or next day time frame. When you show that your business keeps up with the many online communication methods that people prefer at any given time, you and your business looks better than those who still use, for example, a landline phone and postal mail address as their only forms of communication.

Encourages regular engagement and discussions

People remember best business owners and their employees who interact with them on a regular basis. They also remember associated brands and whether those interactions were valuable to them. They even eventually come to associate industry knowledge and trust with those who interact with them regularly in a knowledgeable or helpful fashion. These areas are important because those positive memories can mean the difference between someone choosing your business or your competitors to answer an industry-related question or handle a product/service need. The level of engagement you provide also influences customer word-of-mouth business referrals to their family, friends, co-workers and others.

Offers promotional and sales opportunities

As with offline customer service, every interaction opens the door to future sales. For example, a potential customer on Twitter who sends a question to one of your CS reps about coupons or offline store hours might mention a specific pain point that one of your products or services can fix. While a rep takes an order on live chat, they might see an opening to upsell a product/service to the customer. After creating a discussion post on Facebook about a recently emailed customer complaint topic, your social media manager might use reader comments about interests and pain points to create a sales lead list. Lastly, you might offer a discount code at the end of a live chat or post discussion session to attract new customers or gain repeat business from old ones.

Your website and social media profiles should always offer potential and future customers methods to interact with your customer service reps at any moment. Whether you need to add a live chat option to your website, take advantage of messaging tools or develop more interesting social media post discussions, talk to our Pinecode Creative associates today. We can customize a tool for your website and supply additional digital marketing tips or guidance about the best methods for interacting directly with members of your target market and others wherever you have an online presence.