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Using the right visual imagery in your brand building strategy

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Social media marketing is not only about promoting your product or service, but it’s also about building your brand. Utilizing the right imagery is a crucial part of any brand building and marketing strategy. Because most social media platforms rely heavily on visual appeal, creating the right aesthetic and using the right imagery is essential. Whether in your ads, social media and blog posts, or your website, the visual appearance and imagery should remain consistent and on brand.

Stay true to a look

If your website is very sleek, clean and concise it doesn’t make sense that your social media platforms would be filled with posts of images that are cluttered and busy. This goes for fonts, word placement and the content of the images you use.

In other words, keep a theme going. You may love nature photos and find floral imagery appealing but if they don’t speak to your product or brand, don’t use them in your social media marketing campaign.

Keep to a color palette

The same rules that apply to content apply to color palettes. If your website design contains muted colors, it’s unlikely that using bright rainbow and neon colors in your social media campaign will ring true, and vice versa. It’s tempting to use bright, bold colors because they demand attention but if that is part of your strategy, make it consistent across platforms.

Staying within a palette can help create consistency as well. This isn’t as limiting as it sounds. Take a look at any successful social media marketing campaign and you’ll probably notice a consistent color palette throughout.

Make it relevant to your message

Whether you are finding images through a stock photo source, creating your own or use the help of a professional photographer, you will want to use images that are consistent with, and relevant to your message.

Use only high quality, visually appealing and clear photos, even if they’re just snapshots of your business, product or employees. Make sure every photo has a purpose though, no matter how great they look otherwise.

At Pinecode, our team of experts can help keep everything from your website to your social media marketing campaign visually on brand and consistent. Contact us today to see how we can help you build your business.