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Top 3 Ways to Increase the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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There are many known social media marketing strategies successful marketers are using to increase the return on investment (ROI) of their social media campaigns. In this article, we’ll show you the top three strategies that separate the brands that succeed from the brands that fail.

Top 3 social media strategies for increasing ROI

1. Track post engagements

Post engagements such as likes, comments and clicks are great (but sometimes underlooked) metrics you can use to increase the ROI of your social media campaigns. Likes and comments are a strong indication of popular content, and this is why is why Instagram’s algorithmic timeline structure will prioritize posts with stronger engagements over posts that are getting little to no engagements. Post engagements can also lead to your content reaching a wider audience when someone tags their friends in your post.

2. Use social media monitoring tools

Social media monitoring tools offer a lot of useful methods for helping marketers increase the ROI of their social media marketing campaigns. They feature highly advanced artificial intelligence algorithms used for analyzing how your target audience is engaging with your brand profile compared to your competitors. You can use this valuable insight to make more informed decisions about how to increase your ROI and maximize your marketing strategy to its fullest potential.

3. Use analytics tools for your website

The two strategies mentioned above are great for increasing your ROI with tools related to social media marketing, but if you want to know how your social media strategy is actually paying off for you in the end, you’ll have to use analytics tools for monitoring how visitors are engaging with your website. Web analytics tools such as Google Analytics will allow you to see the overall picture of how your referred traffic from Instagram is engaging with your brand’s website. You will be able to monitor bounce rate, see how long visitors remain on your page, track performance for paid PPC marketing campaigns and analyze detailed audience reports for the location and demographics of your visitors.

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