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Three reasons picking the right image matters in digital marketing

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Most small business owners recognize that using images with text on their website, blog and ads is important. Yet, some put little forethought into the images that they select. An image should always do more than vaguely relate to a topic or break up a wall of text. It should help tell a story that ultimately does the following:

Reinforces positive associations with your business

Images shouldn’t merely support associated text, they should also support your business. If you sell custom glassware, for example, you shouldn’t pick a pub exterior stock image for a blog article about how custom glassware increases bar sales. Instead, you might pick an interior image of a delicious drink in a custom glass sitting on the surface of a bar. Even better: pick an image of bar patrons talking or laughing while using custom glassware. The first image is obviously too vague and doesn’t connect with your company or brand. The other two images make a bar owner see the positive possibilities and connect them to the products and services that you offer.

Engages your audience in direct and subliminal ways

Beyond the direct association of the images to custom glassware, an image of a thirst-quenching drink or happy people drinking can make a person feel thirsty and unconsciously associate happiness with drinking with friends. As a result, these images engage targeted bar owners in monetary and personal ways. Another example of dual engagement: a travel agency utilizes a slide show of vacation spot images at the top of their website homepage. Each image until the last shows an increasing number of people having fun doing various activities in gorgeous locales. The last image shows the back of an empty chair at night and footprints in the sand leading from it to a beach filled with partygoers. This image pulls the one who sees it into the scene. They imagine for a moment that they could have been the one taking the slide show photos. Suddenly, they feel like ordering a vacation package.

Prompts people to act in a way that benefits you

As shown, the right kinds of images prompt a person who sees them to perform an action. Those calls to action can be reinforced with text, such as a caption or tagline, or stand alone. Either way, strong images provide you with an additional means to convince members of your target audience to do what you want them to do, such as purchase custom bar glassware or a vacation package. Depending on any associated sales text, strong images might also prompt a member of your audience to subscribe to a loyalty program that makes it possible for them to save money on future purchases while giving you repeat business.

At Pinecode Creative, our associates show clients the difference between weak and strong images so that they have more success with their digital marketing efforts. Whether you need help reinforcing positive associations, improving audience engagement, developing stronger CTAs or need an entirely new website design that does it all, contact us today for a consultation. We guarantee that we can help you increase brand recognition, interest, traffic and sales with our web design and digital marketing strategies.