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There’s more than one way for your website to be a ‘platform’

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Your web presence provides a platform for your business. It tells the world what you’re about, what you do and what you can offer. But that is like a small town railway station with just a single platform for the occasional train. You’ll want your business to be busier and more vibrant than that.

So let’s consider your web presence as a busy mainline station. Here, each day, many passengers arrive to head off for the destination of their choice. Now imagine this station had no platform signs, no information boards, and no friendly staff to provide guidance on how to reach your chosen destination.

Any traveler would quickly become frustrated and even angry. Now, let’s compare this situation to that of someone who completes an internet search for a specific product or service. They click through to a website, only to discover they have been directed to a generic homepage.

Like the frustrated traveler, they are now expected to find their own way – yet to a destination that they expected to instantly arrive at, after undertaking that search. Many such people might simply return to their original search and then simply find another option. Thus, a business has lost a potential customer without ever really knowing that person ever existed!

The answer is to create a series of specific landing pages, ones that closely match the key search criteria being used. This might be for a specific product or range, a single key service, or even a geographical area where a local business solution or provider is being sought.

When a potential customer then clicks through, they immediately feel as if they are standing on the ‘right platform’ to make their onward journey. These individuals can relax, and carry on into your website to reach the point where they have the chance to take the action that you wish them to.

Your web design, complete with the necessary landing pages, provides your company with the best chance to both grab the interest, and then hold the attention, of those customers who are the lifeblood of any small business.

If you’d like to make sure that your ‘passengers’ are being well directed upon arrival at your website, please contact our experienced Pinecode team today.