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Stands back. Admires own website. But…

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…this person may not be the best one to pass judgment. Many businesses create their own websites, and the result is a site that is made in much their own image. It presents that business as it wishes to show itself to the world. This is understandable, but to be frank, it is not always the best course of action for a business owner to take.

In so many other facets of business life, experts will be called in automatically. When new wiring is required, an electrician is hired. When a pipe springs a leak, a plumber is summoned. To present its best face to the online world, why would this process be any different?

There is a range of possible traps to fall into when a business creates its own website. Let’s look at just three of the most common mistakes to avoid…

1. Focusing on you and not the customer

As mentioned a moment ago, many businesses choose to present their best face, to show the products or services they are most proud of. Yet, the potential customer is not looking at your business in the same way. He or she is searching for the solution to a problem, the elimination of a worry, the answer to a question. An effective web presence needs to address these areas and then present the business as the answer.

2. The web content is pitched above your customer

This is not to insult those folk. It’s simply a fact of life that, on many occasions, business insiders will have a more advanced level of knowledge about their products and services that those who might need and use them. Self-created websites can often be pitched over the heads of their potential customers which risks alienating them rather than converting them.

3. The web content is incomplete

Again, insider knowledge can result in what is obvious on that side of any potential transaction being taken for granted. The person arriving at the website after a search does not then find all the information they need to progress through the site until action is taken, resulting in a high bounce rate, deferral to a competitor or abandoned shopping carts.

These three problem areas are almost always accidental ‘sins of omission’. Part of the cause can be simply a lack of the time needed to create the best possible website. If you feel this might hold back your business, then a great solution is to use a web design and development team who can work with you, using your knowledge and their expertise, to craft a stylish, responsive, unique and effective online presence.

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