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Social media influencers: all you need to know

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Influence spreads like wildfire and the better you are at impacting other people’s opinions and behaviors, the more influential you are. Companies rely on the popularity of social media influencers to either use them to market their goods and services or work with them to achieve a similar effect.

What makes a good influencer?

When identifying the right social media influencers for your digital campaign, you need to know what makes good influencers. Digital marketers refer to the ‘3Rs of influencers’ to help in prioritizing their search. The first factor is Reach, and it relates to the ability to influence a large target audience. We have three broad categories of social media influencer based on how big their following is on the various platforms:

Mega-influencers. They are ‘A list’ influencers that include actors, athletes, artists, and social media celebrities with a 1M+ following. They fall under this spectrum because they have the highest reach. Brands employ their services in marketing since they have the best resonance regarding driving the wishes of the brand.

Macro-influencers. They fall under the ‘B list’ category. They have a reach ranging from 10,000-1M followers and can drive up to 25% of engagement per post. They include bloggers and journalists who typically have the highest relevance in the marketing campaign categories such as lifestyle, business or fashion.

Micro-influencers. These types have the least reach but have better resonance and relevance than mega-influencers.

The other two factors become important when selecting a social media influencer because you need someone who understands your brand well enough. Relevance and resonance are practical ways to market but you will find that not every social butterfly will achieve the desired effect of every brand. Bloggers and journalists make better brand ambassadors and affiliate marketers, while celebrities are best at social media mentions.

The best marketing campaigns to use

Digital marketing through social media has a broad avenue of marketing campaigns that ultimately drive sales. A mixture of all these strategies will work best. If your website promotes sales through competitions and giveaways for a given period, you will drive sales throughout that period. Seemingly, influencers use this campaign method all the time on their social media accounts to promote brands. Affiliate marketing is another top campaign that bloggers and other influencers utilize. Discounted prices attract a huge number of customers and drive sales significantly.