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Navigating the murky waters of bad reviews

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Imagine getting a bad review from a customer about the service they received from your online small business, especially if your company just started out. You may go through a couple of hours wondering what went wrong or whether they didn’t like the product you sold them or the manner in which they received it. It is imperative to realise that acting with haste to solve the problem or just react to it publicly without actually giving it a thought just adds salt to injury.

The following is a step-by-step guide to navigating the murky waters of bad reviews:

1. Calm down

The sweeping statement that governs this first step is ‘be as cool as a cucumber’. Most people react to bad reviews by getting angry and even publicly engaging in the public back talking with their customer. However, it is not the bad review that ultimately affects your customer relations but how you react and handle these tough situations.

2. Decide whether or not to respond

Not all negative reviews warrant a reply. Responses and opinions by frequent complainers that are irrational and do not have anything to do with your business or the products in your inventory do not deserve any response. Stay away from personal blogs that target businesses online because their end goal is usually only to spread bile. You are well within your rights to ask a customer who posts nasty comments to take down that post, especially if it goes against the rules they agreed to when creating an account.

On the other hand, if a customer expresses legitimate complaints about real issues, politely offer an apology publicly and move to correct the mistake with haste. Watch out for high profile customers as well because their overall review means a lot to other customers.

3. Research how the incident occurred and make changes

The main thing to note is that the customer is always right. For that matter, it is imperative to use the client’s perspective while looking for solutions to the problem at hand. Ask the complainant to give you their email so that you may talk to them about the issue.

Talk to your employees and find out their side of the story, as well. If there are legitimate concerns about the delivery model, change it entirely. Do not fail to publicly communicate to your customers about the changes made and ask that they talk you if they experience further issues.

Success comes through learning about your failures and hurrying to correct them. Ultimately, bad reviews simply show you areas for improvement, which we all need to be told about from time to time. When coming up with your web design, make sure you include a review or feedback facility so people can let you know what’s working and what isn’t, and then you can tackle these problem areas.

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