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Marketing tips to turn your online business into a brand

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90% of online businesses fail. If you want to succeed, be prepared to invest your time and resources to your business. That means keeping up with marketing trends, learning new SEO tricks, and building a relationship with your customers.

Of course, none of these things can happen overnight. If you want to learn more about your customers, you must reach out to them. To rank higher on search engines, you need to create top-notch content and optimize your site for SEO. Below are some more tips to help market your business.

Create a Blog

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers. That’s because it gives you a platform to express your business’ services in the best way you can. Unlike social media, you’re not limited by the number of words you can post.

What’s more, you can update it as frequently as possible. You could share anything you want on your blog, but it should be helpful to your customers.

Create a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs motivate customers to come back to your business. They can also help you get new clients. You don’t need to give your customers expensive freebies. Something little but thoughtful can go a long way in turning a new customer into a loyal one.

In an example, let’s say you give out a point for every $10 your customers spend on your site. The points can then be redeemed into cash. Alternatively, you could give you cash backs at the end of the month.

Build an Email List

A blog may help spread your business’ ideas to thousands of people, but you want some of the people to become customers. An email list is how you convert blog readers into customers. It only takes a few minutes to add a WordPress plugin for emails to your site. But don’t leave it at that.

For people to subscribe to your email newsletters, you must convince them that they need it. SEO experts suggest you give subscribers something for free. An eBook, a checklist, a video, a coupon code—give out something meaningful, and people will subscribe more frequently.

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