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Making sure your social media marketing is just that!

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There can be a danger of seeing social media marketing to promote businesses, products, and services as little different from other forms of advertising. If you look through the most-used social media outlets, you’ll quickly see what we mean. You’ll find postings that are little different from ads that could be placed in newspapers or magazines, or even on billboards. And these may gain some level of response – as most advertising does. However, if the posts are seen as being intrusive, and of no specific help, they will quickly be blocked.

Social media marketing should avoid being inward looking

Imagine meeting a stranger at a party. Let’s assume there’s an initial spark of attraction. Yet, after a couple of minutes of listening to this individual talk in approving terms, but only of themselves, you are desperately looking for an escape route! There is a danger that postings to social media sites can have the same effect. An example of this would be where a company is so busy congratulating itself for offering an enhanced service, or introducing a new product, that they forget the aim is to interest the potential customer in what it can offer to them.

Social media marketing should always be involving

There are many ways that this can be achieved. A Pinterest or YouTube video showing a product in action, being used by the type of person you are talking to, is one. A Facebook post from a satisfied customer, or offering tips to help make the most of any item or process, is another. A Twitter link to a helpful blog, article or eBook could also fit the bill.

But involvement shouldn’t stop there. Adding extra advice, answering questions, and even showing how a customer’s problem or complaint was successfully handled, can all add much more to the original post. By being seen as ‘social media responsive’ in their behaviors, businesses can also find their posts being shared, thus increasing that vital customer base.

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