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I only sell one thing. Do I really need a website?

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For small businesses that focus on sales of a single product, it can be difficult to see what advantage a website would bring to them in terms of sales. After all, the dominance of e-commerce in the last decade by online catalogs like Amazon and eBay sees them drawing in more and more in terms of sales and fulfillment of orders. Putting the time and effort into trying to figure out WordPress or design a website of your own may seem futile when so much traffic is going to just a few websites that are more than happy to sell your products alongside millions of others.

A website can be so much more than just an online catalog, however, and there are some important aspects of a single-product website that you may not have considered.

A website is a link to a community

Whether you sell small handcrafted items, mass-produced knick-knacks, or a specific service (such as yoga instruction or violin lessons), your one product is bound to appeal to a specific community, and your website is that community’s window to your product. It can serve as a digital marketing hub to multiple websites which may serve the catalog function of your business (such as Amazon or Etsy) but it is the only place that is uniquely yours and where your take on how your product should be perceived is the only take.

Your product is the star of the show

Entertainment and advertisement are no longer mutually exclusive. Your product is now the star of its own reality show and on multiple social media platforms, including Twitter and YouTube, it can develop its own personality. Your website is the launching point for this persona, and innovative web design can be the genesis of this entertaining brand identity.

Take a closer look

Your singular product may need a website more than you know. Lack of a website could be the only thing holding your business back from success. An investment in web development is a step toward being in control of the branding that will define your product in the public consciousness. You might be found on online marketplaces, but once your product gains some traction, customers will search for it on Google by name. If you have a website, it will register in the search results to give you even more credibility and also provide a separate space for you to drum up exposure through a connected blog, share additional information, tutorials and reviews for those genuinely interested in your company and what your product can do.

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