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How to make your WordPress site look unique

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WordPress is one of the most popular website building platforms available, and it’s easy to see why people love it. There’s room for almost endless customization, but it’s also easy for beginners to use. Your company’s website is going to serve as most consumers’ first introduction to your business, so it’s important that it serves as a positive reflection of your business. Here are some factors you should pay special attention to if you really want to make your site stand out from the competition.

Beautiful photos

The photos that you add to your site are what’s going to bring the design to life. It’s crucial that the photos you use bring the reader into the world of your business. It may be worthwhile hiring a professional photographer to take photos for your website that capture your product or service in a unique light. It’s important that your photos don’t look like stock photos – consumers value authenticity, and taking the time to do something different with your pictures will really pay off.

Eye-catching fonts

One of the reasons that many sites these days look the same is because they use the same fonts. You can make your site look different purely by using a font that’s not often seen online. Take your time searching around for fonts that are unique and fit in with your company’s aesthetic. It’s important that the fonts you choose are still readable, however, as clarity is crucial to making a good impression on potential consumers.


Many WordPress themes give you the option to move things around within the layout, and this is an excellent way to make your site look a little more unique even if the theme you are using is fairly simple. For example, just switching from a drop-down menu to a pullout menu on the side completely changes the look of the site. Don’t be afraid to dig into your theme’s options to see what possibilities are available to you.

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