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How close do you sit to your website?

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This isn’t a question about your physical relationship to your computer or hand-held device. Neither is it about your vision and whether your nose is pressed up against the screen, or held at arms-length for better focus. In this instance, we’re talking about the mental distance.

How often have you heard someone say that another person is struggling because ‘they’re too close to the problem’? In other words, they are not able to gain a vital sense of perspective. This can be true with the web design and content for your small business or organization too. Here are three problems which can be caused by this degree of intimacy…

# Content is written for experts like yourself, rather than Joe or Jane Customer. For many businesses, their inside knowledge is much greater than that of many of their typical customers. This isn’t to decry those folks – they’ll probably know lots about things you don’t have much clue about! However, it’s important to step back and appreciate what your potential customers need to understand, and how best to explain this at their level of knowledge.

# Content that is important to the company gains a ‘so what’ response from possible customers. If a business explains the process by which it achieved a new product breakthrough simply because they are proud of their efforts, that likely means much less to the person reading the content. This doesn’t mean some or all of this information isn’t valid, but it should be focused in a: ‘Here’s what this means to you’ way.

# Content which is important in achieving the desired customer response is simply overlooked. There’s a humorous saying: ‘Never ask for directions from someone who knows how to get there’. This refers to the fact that the person might take short cuts, miss out a key piece of information, simply because their sub-conscious assumes that everyone will know this. The same can be true of web design or key content – the process is best understood only by those who know what the process is. For others, it can be confusing or incomplete.

These are just three of the reasons why many Texas businesses like to partner with our Pinecode team. We take their expertise and add our ability to take a step back and clearly focus what needs to be said. Contact us now for a chat if you feel this process could benefit your operation.