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Here’s why search engine optimization is so important for digital marketing success

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Traditional marketing has been nearly entirely replaced by its digital counterparts. Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional means, can reach narrow slivers of populations, and makes it easier to measure performance that your business has reaped from money poured into it. Marketing your company using digital mediums is also easier than traditional ways. Even further, small businesses benefit from Internet-based promoting because it’s cheaper, closing the formerly lengthy distance between large, global corporations and small businesses with only a few employees.

Search engine optimization is a type of digital marketing that’s arguably more important than every other aspect of the relatively new, Internet-based promotion strategy. Search engines like Google use well over one hundred criteria in measuring the value of websites to customers, with more valuable sites finding their way to the top of search engines. Search engine optimization, usually shortened to SEO, helps improve visibility and brand awareness, on top of its countless other benefits.

Let’s look further into why search engine optimization is arguably the most important flavor of digital marketing in today’s Internet-intensive, search-engine-reliant world.

Nearly everyone uses search engines on an everyday basis

Smartphones, tablets, and portable computers are frequently found across the world. It seems as if some people can’t pick their noses up from their seemingly magnetic smartphones. Likewise, smartphone users often use Google for questions they have, contact details for businesses, and other pertinent — or entirely unimportant — information they’re interested in finding online. Because the use of search engines is so prevalent, investing in search engine optimization is important for your business’ success.

SEO is here to stay

Search engines have been popular for a long time, and they’re not leaving our digital repertoires anytime soon. Investing in SEO is a prudent use of working capital because it’s nearly guaranteed to stick around for years to come.

Business who don’t have content are at a disadvantage

When consumers search the Internet for information about businesses they’re interested in, they like to see multiple sources about those particular organizations. A company which doesn’t have an extensive presence online is at a disadvantage because consumers may worry about the validity and reputability of that business.

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