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Essential WordPress Add-Ons For Small Businesses

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WordPress is unequivocally the leading web design platform right now, with so much room for creativity and customization. You can make your site as simple or as complex as you want to, which is why so many small businesses are turning to WordPress for their website development. There are many free plugins that you can add onto your WordPress site that will make it easier for both you and your customer to use. Here are some amazing plugins you should always have on your WordPress site.


SEO is key in today’s competitive online marketplace, and Yoast analyzes each page of your site to help indicate just how search engine ready it is. You can enter in your focus keywords and it will help you find the right density for them, and it also will remind you to place internal links and other key formatting tips for SEO success. It even analyzes your readability – something search engines are increasingly concerned with as they get more sophisticated.


WooCommerce is an open-source commerce plugin for your site, giving you lots of the features of Shopify without the price tag. This is a great choice for businesses that are just starting out and want a plugin that’s easy to use but provides the sales features and conversion tools that they need.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics is incredibly helpful for monitoring your site’s traffic and performance, but it can be difficult to navigate, particularly if you’re new to it. This plugin makes it easy to see your Google Analytics within your WordPress site at a glance. Analytics are incredibly helpful, so be sure to check them frequently as you grow your site.

Contact Form 7

Contact forms are an important part of any businesses’ website because they make it easy for your customers to communicate with you. This simple plugin drastically simplifies the process, doing all the coding for you.

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