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Does your website only talk to like minds?

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If you’re in the process of website development, or have an already established presence, this is an important question to ask. For example, if you watch a police procedural drama on TV, it’s often packed with linguistic shortcuts and abbreviations. This might allow it to sound more genuine, but it can make it much more difficult for an audience, especially newcomers, to either understand or feel involved.

The same can be said for websites

When you create content for a website, you are writing with an insider’s knowledge. This can lead to the equivalent to the situation described in the example above. It can be natural, and therefore much too easy, to include many terms that are taken from the private language of your business, organization, or field of expertise. Yet your audience will have a much lesser level of ‘insider understanding’ and such pieces of jargon might confuse, or even worry, them. This, in turn, can make it much less likely that they will do business with you.

Never underestimate your audience’s intelligence

This is the first half of a well-known marketing saying. It continues: always underestimate their knowledge. Most people, investigating the content on your website, will not be upset to be told something they already know, such as the meaning of key technical terms. In fact, confirming such knowledge can even make them feel good about themselves! To do this is much better than leaving them feeling confused.

Never have a local put up road signs!

This was a joke from a stand-up comedian, performing in a town he hadn’t visited before, and bemoaning the fact that directional signs are usually put there by people who already know where they are going! Therefore, a sign can appear at one junction and have vanished when you reach the next intersection! Such accidental assumptions of knowledge, or inadvertent missed steps, can also occur during website development, simply because the person creating the content already understands the process.

How Pinecode can help

Both for website development, and social media marketing where the same errors can creep in, it’s a great idea to work with experts from outside of your own business. Their fresh eyes and proven expertise can help avoid the problems covered above. To make sure your business isn’t only talking to like minds, contact our talented team today.

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