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Brand identity and digital marketing: getting the nexus right

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You have worked hard to create a brand that speaks to your client base, employees and competition. You have done your homework to understand what your customers are looking for. Next, it is important to appreciate the role your brand should play as you begin to test the waters of digital marketing. It shapes your overall digital marketing message and strategy. From blogging to social media marketing and everything in between, your brand personality drives your marketing message as well as customer engagement.

Here are three ways your brand identity drives your digital marketing campaign and what you can do to get the nexus right.

Building an audience

Digital marketing is all about gaining exposure and attracting potential customers to your website or online store. To achieve this, you need a strong brand personality that will help you build an audience. Remember, consumers have favorite brands. As such, your brand should focus on creating content that your audience is ready and willing to take in. Through blogging, you can build this audience and use your brand to create a loyal fan base. Think Apple or Nike.

Show your brand is human

Businesses are meant to meet people’s needs. An active presence on social media and interacting with your customers, will show that you are more than just a company trying to squeeze money out of people by selling your products to them. A strong brand can help you show the human side of your business. Make human elements an integral part of your brand identity. Let your customers and followers know that a real person will respond to their Twitter or Facebook query or pick up the phone when they call.

Drives your online marketing message

Your brand really drives your message in the online platform. Your website is themed after your brand. From the colors you used during the web development to the content on each page, your brand identity is all about your online marketing strategy. If you take brand identity seriously, and you ought to, it will also drive your digital marketing strategy and message.

Make no mistake, your brand identity is extremely important to your business. Your brand makes your business stand out and your brand identity goes beyond just visuals, colors and a logo. It is your company, the reason you built your business. It should also shape your digital marketing strategy, drive more customers to your store and increase your sales. Before embarking on your digital marketing campaign, work with Pinecode to nail your brand.