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5 components of effective digital marketing

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Digital marketing, like everything that touches upon the internet, continues to change rapidly with each passing year. Make sure you’re doing the best you can for your marketing campaigns, by checking each of these key components.

1. Data and analytics

Data has always been a driving force in marketing, but the sheer quality and quantity of data a digital marketing team can gather and utilize can’t be understated. A digital marketing strategy that isn’t collecting a wealth of information on who prospects are, how they find out about you, how they use your site, how they use your products, what else they care about—that’s a digital marketing campaign that isn’t operating at even a fraction of its potential.

2. Marketing automation

Modern digital marketing technology makes it easier than ever before to identify market segments and deliver unique experiences to each identified group. Any digital campaign not seizing upon that advantage isn’t doing your company any favors. You can gain all the benefits of a personalized pitch using marketing automation tools, with a fraction of the work once required.

3. Clear goals

Is your company in its early growth stage, and need name recognition and raw traffic above all else? Do you need to stabilize, cutting out wasteful marketing channels in favor of higher value leads? Do you need to expand horizontally, approaching new market segments in new ways to grow a mature brand? You can only achieve the goals you aim for. That means figuring out your next move before you lift a finger on your marketing.

4. Communication and consistency of message

Marketing needs to present a unified front, even if you’re largely addressing different audiences across different mediums. The points of overlap between social media users, visitors to your website, people who receive your newsletter, and other audiences are an opportunity to solidify an impression—but only if everyone stays on message. That means you need clear communication in your marketing team, and everyone needs to know your goals.

5. Diverse skill sets

The internet’s full of content, much of it from low-quality sources. Whether you’re building a blog for inbound marketing purposes or putting together your social media campaigns, you need people who know the medium and know how to produce something worthwhile for your audience. One-size-fits-all approaches to marketing across multiple digital channels simply don’t work when it comes to the modern web. You need someone who knows video content, you need writers, you need social media experts. It’s a big project for a team—the one-man show can’t cut it.

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