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4 Simple Tips That Can Improve Your Social Media Game

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In just a few years social media has gone from being just a trend to becoming a crucial marketing tool. Recent reports show that the average person spends around two hours on social media every day, and the numbers are expected to grow as platforms continue to expand and take over traditional media.

Businesses are catching up fast, with more than 86% of them understanding the role social media plays in helping them gain exposure. But, growing a social media audience is hard work. It takes a lot of trial and error, and hours of seemingly talking to no one.

So, how do you step up your game and start #winning at social media? Let’s find out!

1. Be Where Your Audience Is

You probably know a great deal about your audience: who they are, what problems they are facing, what they want, and what their goals are.

Another important question you need to ask yourself is on which social media platforms they are most active.

A lot of small business owners make the mistake of choosing the most popular social media channels without paying close attention to their audience’s preferences. But, here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter that Facebook is the largest social media channel. If you audience spends most of its time actively engaging on Snapchat and Instagram, then there’s where you need to be.

2. Tailor Your Content

Picture this: you’re browsing through your Facebook account when you see a clever post that grabs your attention. You read it and share it with your network. Next, you move to Twitter where you see the same post shared by the same person/business. Then, as you’re scrolling through your Instagram, you see the post once again. It’s becoming annoying and you start seeing the content as spam.

That’s how your audience feels when you share the same type of content on every social media channel. Each platform has its demographics and users are expecting to get a certain experience.

By broadcasting the same type of content, you aren’t engaging your audience; you are turning them away from your brand.

Pay attention to each platform’s particularities and tailor your content accordingly.

3. Focus More on Educating & Engaging Than on Selling

Social media is not a regular marketing tool. Sure, it can drive leads and increase your bottom line, but its main purpose isn’t to sell, but to connect with your audience and build lasting relationships that will eventually turn into sales.

As a result, your focus should be on educating and entertaining your audience. Don’t bombard them with too much information about your company. Use the following rule to ensure you are delivering the right kind of content: 80% of the posts should be engaging, 15% of them should be informative, and only 5% of them should be about your business and/or trying to sell something. That means that 95% of your posts need to bring some sort of value to your audience, and not try to get something from them (or sell to them).

4. Interact with Your Followers

Creating content that gets a lot of traction doesn’t make you good at social media. It makes you good at creating content. If you want to win at social media marketing, you need to nurture and solidify the connections you worked so hard to make.

So, if someone comments on a post, answer them; if they mention on your Twitter, answer them; if they send you a direct message, reply to them.

Interacting with your audience and showing them you care about their thoughts and comments is the best way to grow your network.

Social media is a grind. It takes a lot of time and effort to make your audience pay attention to you. But, at some point, your work will pay off and your business will dominate the social media game. Be patient and consistent and you will win!

Have any questions? Comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them.